​What is Sayama Green tea?

​Strong, Deep


In comparison to teas from other tea-growing regions in Japan, Sayama Green Tea is characterized with its thick leaves. This is because the region is considered to be fairly north, and the cool climate, which sometimes causes frost in winter, makes trees unable to survive without thick leaves.

So, Sayama Green Tea

has advantage over other producing areas in

Strong, Deep and Fullbody taste.

For those reason, Each farmers have investigated

how to process their thick tea leaves respectively.

Therefore or Consequently, Each farmers have developed their own craftmanships of Tea processing, especially heating process.

These character in Sayama called

「自園、自製、自販」in Japanese,

Exactly means that

"one's own garden, one's own craftmanship and

one's own promotion


​Without Saying,

​Sayama area is near by Tokyo

and also putting a lot of work in to Tourism-Oriented.

When you take a journey for Tokyo,

Please feel free to drop by our area !

Process to Sayama Area

Sight Seeing

Sayama Green tea is a type of green tea

produced mainly in the

southwestern region of Saitama Prefecture 

and small neighboring area in Northwestern Tokyo.


Where is it made ?


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