Where are we from ?

Sayama Green Tea have been evolved

from ancient era as a adjacent region to Tokyo.

Sometimes we were facing crisis in the history,

But we have kept up our tradition and craftmanship ever.


​For long time, Tea leaves are being drunk by Japanese people

as Powdered or boiling down with raw,

as it is written in historical literature.

Green tea style which has been lasting up to now

was revolutionally established by

Nagatani Soen(永谷宗円)in 1783.

Yoshizumi Yoshikawa(吉川温恭)

widespreaded these green tea style to our Sayama area.

It is exactly beginning of Sayama Green Tea,

 So he was considered to be the founder of Sayama Green Tea.

Yoshikawa Yoshizumi(吉川温恭)

Founder of Sayama Green Tea

Opening of Yokohama Port in 1858


Amount of production of Tea leaves in Sayama

steadily increased,supported by vast consuming city, Edo(江戸).


In 1858, Trade with foreign country started

and some ports was opened in Japan.

Yokohama port, near by Sayama area, was one of them.

Industry of Tea-leaves producing was highly developed because of that, also freedom of Job Selection and encouragement of Government.


But big amount of poor quality leaves took to distribute around there at the same time.

Then many farmers tried to maintain quality of Tea-leaves. Finally they succeeded in establishing

"Method of Sayama Green Tea Harvesting and Manufacturing Process"

in Japanese「狭山製茶法」

It is believed that these methods was established during the 1870's.

It was characterized by

Sophisticated Harvesting and Strong Tea heating

and also the origin of Sayama Green Tea which has been lasting up to now.


In High Economic Growth era during 1960's~1970's,

Population of Tokyo was numerously expanded with immigration from regional area. 

According to increase of population,

Consumption of Tea leaves increased.

Consequently, Sayama Green Tea came to be

most famous Green Tea brand in Japan

according with Kyoto and Shizuoka


by the effect of urbanization,

Both production amount and homeland of

tea leaves in Sayama are decreasing. 

Now we are making effort

to be great sight-seeing area.